Nana Family Hotel nightmare near Nana Plaza but great restaurants

I advise to Nana Family Hotel Bangkok can be a nightmare. Always be careful when you are near Nana Plaza with children, because aside for the high number of restaurants to choose from, there can be extreme noise. I said yes, we are going to book online another nana hotel bangkok. Wrote down, and done! I love food, but any children would hate the noise at night when it’s too hot.

My girlfriend and I went with a couple of friends, who had a six-year-old son. I recommended booking near Nana Plaza because the nightlife is more accessible, but I hadn’t considered noise. We arrived in time to check-in and then went for a ride, ate and prepared to spend a quiet evening. We rarely go out on the first evening.

nana hotel bangkok

When I looked for a hotel, my idea was to write nana hotel bangkok to find a hotel that was between nana plaza and the w xyz bar that I love. I didn’t expect to find a family hotel near Nana plaza immediately.

That first night was lovely, I didn’t even hear many noises and the air was perfectly mild. The following day it was different. In the evening we started by hearing the music, then the noises of the cars and even some dancers who had put even louder music music to dance in front of the passers-by and hope to get some tips.

nana hotel bangkok room

It was warm enough but it wasn’t asphyxiating. We slept badly with the windows closed, so if we as a couple still got along well, our friends had problems getting their baby to sleep.

Luckily they had me and my legendary patience. I took the boy with me to restaurants in bangkok, eating Thai, fried, vegetarian, and western-style food. Mostly I ate and he kept me company because after the first two restaurants he was already full. Children at that age are very lively and risk requiring a lot of attention.

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