What’s in the Amazon Best Stevia Drops & Amazon Best Stevia Powder ?

In recent years we have heard a lot about stevia as a natural sweetener useful to replace sugar. The amazon best stevia drops and the amazon best stevia powder offer great deals. But are they?

Stevia is a perennial plant (Asteraceae or Compositae family), native to South America, especially Brazil and Paraguay. The active ingredients that give the sweetening properties (for example, stevioside and rebaudioside A), are concentrated entirely in the leaves. As we know, stevia is much sweeter than sucrose (the common sugar used in cooking), with the advantage, however, that it contains absolutely no sugars and calories.

Is stevia bad for your health?

Let’s start by saying that this plant is in all respects a good sweetener, useful for diabetics but also for those who want to lose weight and must necessarily follow a low-calorie nutritional regimen. So, stevia does not pose a threat to your health. However, there are some contraindications regarding its laxative effects, which however only occur if large quantities are used, and may cause hypotension, so it is not recommended in case of low blood pressure.

What about the Amazon best stevia drops?

Enzo’s Caramel Stevia Drops is the most ranked item by costumers. Currently, there is no Amazon’s choice product. it is a flavored extract so you have to be very careful about the doses otherwise you risk ruining the flavor. For example, I use 3 drops for low-fat white yogurt and 4 for a large cup of coffee. It is written that it contains all the ingredients of Stevia, but the flavor is not like natural stevia (way sweeter), because it probably contains an artificial sweetener even though there is no mention in its ingredients list.

Is the Amazon best stevia powder any better?

There is currently no Amazon’s choice product either, and the best candidate seems to be USDA Certified Nature Restore Stevia Leaf Extract Powder. In addition to the value for money, the powder is organic and it tastes naturally sweet. It can be used both in recipes and added as a sweetener for tea. The almost complete absence of side effects allows its use even in children and pregnant women, provided, always, not to abuse it.