Organic Matcha and the Keto Diet

Chances are you’ve heard of organic matcha. Whether it was a girlfriend telling you all about her time spent drinking matcha tea in LA, or if you’ve simply been researching the next possible addition to your Keto diet, organic matcha has probably come up. Matcha tea is a specially grown and processed green tea varietal that is shade grown and organically cultivated in East Asia. For centuries matcha tea has played an essential role in Japanese and Buddhist cultures but this wonderful tea has only just begun to make a name for itself in the West in the past few years. The big question becomes, is matcha or matcha powder a suitable addition to my keto diet.

Enzo Matcha Green Tea itself is absolutely keto friendly. The shade grown tea leaves are ground up into a fine powder and sold entirely natural, making this tea a perfect addition to just about any diet. But what about keto? Matcha alone is not going to contribute to your keto diet. The keto diet depends on a high volume of good fats to ensure your body enters the metabolic state necessary to burn weight.

There’s good news though! Scientists, foodies, and heal food professionals around the world have come together to develop a range of keto matcha powders and recipes. By simply adding a variety of healthy fats to your matcha you can turn this healthy tea into a contributing source of your keto diet’s needs. Some examples of fat mediums you can add to your matcha tea include grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil, among many others.

There you have it. Matcha tea and matcha powder are, in and of themselves, a completely healthy addition to just about any modern diet. However, if you’re up for it and with a little work you can turn this ancient health drink into the perfect addition to your modern keto diet.