hotel in Patong Center Offers an All You Can Eat A La Carte Buffet

I am giving out another badge: hotel in Patong center for its creative all you can eat a la carte buffet. The managers of the hotel called a renowned chef who works in the старый город Пхукет to prepare exceptional sushi. Afterward, they promoted many activities in Patong to make us burn calories. They are geniuses!

I woke up refreshed like every Tuesday when I am on vacation. My head was full of fabulous memories of the previous evening on Bangla road when I realize that I have not planned anything for the day. Then I go down to the lobby and chat with other Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel guests.

One of them looks at me with wide eyes and tells me he didn’t expect it. He did not expect that a passionate food blogger like me would not be excited about the event that the Phoenix Grand Hotel Patong managers had prepared for us for lunch.

A well-known Japanese chef arrived an hour later, with her fellow chefs (two guys who brought the daily fresh fishes in special containers full of ice). The chef was a nice lady in her fifties. She wore traditional clothes.

The chef has become famous for her positive attitude: she is a Japanese woman who intends to reverse the cliché that only men can create excellent sushi.

I was even more surprised when I noticed that they would prepare a buffet for lunch, but that it was an a la carte type of buffet. In a nutshell, each table had the opportunity to express a preference, so that each table received the various trays containing the freshly made delicacies, in addition to the collective preference for further satisfaction.

This time I give my Designed For Entertainment badge to this fantastic hotel in patong where I enjoyed the best meal of the week.