Hotel near Patong Beach gave a ticket for free buffet deal

I like to give my Designed For Entertainment badge to hotels! Resort near Patong Beach drew by lot a ticket for a free buffet deal to claim at a popular kiosk on Patong beach. This is going to be the best Hotel near Patong Beach of the year!

I won the ticket, so I was able to consume a delicious first course based on freshly caught fish seasoned with toasted mushrooms, followed by a dessert of ice cream and whipped cream with lots of strawberry on top.

The real surprise was the announcement during dinner. Without anyone knowing, the resort managers created a draw for their guests with various prizes to be won.

They used the anniversary of the foundation of the resort as an excuse to give something to their customers. They handed out five prizes in total, and I won one out of about 200-300 possibilities.

To tell the truth, they gave the first four prizes in a completely random way: a ticket for Bangla Boxing Stadium, a family pass for Loma Park, a go-kart lesson at the Patong Go-Kart Speedway, and my ticket for one free buffet deal in specific kiosks of Patong beach.

Then, the hotel staff and the manager gave a very loyal customer a special prize. They gave a free of charge five-day stay to an old customer for his 90th birthday. The man had been their guest almost every year since they opened.

Despite his age, that person was still very lively, and he reacted emotionally. He joked about the prize, given his age, saying that it was about time he finally got a discount. He cried a little while thanking everyone he knew by name. He jokingly said it was a nice thought, and that he hoped the prize was a way of wishing him good luck so that he could return the next year.