I escaped the Nana Hotel Bangkok party because I love food

This goes directly to the annals as the best escape, along with the Nana BTS “job”. This is how I escaped the Nana Family Hotel Bangkok party thanks to my love for restaurants and food on the weirdest night of all in the heart of Bangkok: Songkran.

As you may already know, in Bangkok it is customary to throw water to passersby. This they do during the day. But at night things can get even more hectic. And they can become much more so if a group of trans and prostitutes decide to prepare an assault because there are few clients.

No violence, let’s be clear. However, real Assaut Zones are created. The people I am referring to came out of Bangkok, ​​a party for the LGBT community. They are always very festive and make a lot of noise.

I became the target of their attention once I reached the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok. I stopped in the street, where there was a surreal silence. I look up and see a group of people in front of me, and others behind me, who are starting to shout.

Not knowing what to do, I stepped aside, and then I finally entered a restaurant, just before I was pestered with requests. Once in the restaurant, I ate. The food was very good, and I congratulated the quality of the food.

But outside there were still many people crowding the street. The bangkok restaurants manager saw me and came to ask what’s up. I said that I would have liked to join my friends in the restaurants few blocks ahead, but that I did not know how to outwit the crowd gathered outside. He looks at me and smiles, gesturing for me to follow him.

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He let me out of the back door, telling me to lower myself because I was too tall and I risked being seen. I think he only said it to see me crouch, to have a few laughs, but it was a bold escape that ended for the best.