Does the Best Stevia Powder on Amazon Make You Fat???

I just read a study that suggests that stevia could make you fat. Therefore? Does the best stevia powder on amazon we buy makes you fat? And what about the best stevia drops amazon so quickly provides? I would like to clarify some things so as not to alarm anyone.

If you happen to hear or read this rumor that stevia makes you fat, all you need to know is that there are no scientific studies done on stevia itself to date.

What has been done, and which has already been reconfirmed a few times by similar studies, is that researchers have reported that low-calorie artificial sweeteners may have the opposite effect than the publicity promoted messages by the companies who produce these sugar substitutes.

Artificial sweeteners promise to reduce calories, counteracting obesity, but researchers have noticed how those artificial sweeteners actually alter the intestinal bacterial flora, causing a decrease in the feeling of satiety, which however leads the person to eat more to feel satiated.

Since stevia does not contain sugar but is a sweetener, many say that therefore stevia also makes you fat. As far as I’m concerned, the best stevia powder on amazon I’ve been buying for years has helped me replace the sugar and sugar rushes that I hate so much.

I think it’s more important to focus on lifestyle, instead of thinking about how much sugar or substitutes we eat. I recommend using the best stevia drops amazon can get you if you want to be even more careful about the amount of sweetener taken, but I think it’s about seeing the big picture with a little wisdom.

I would add that the most important thing is to choose an excellent product: a natural product, without a strange aftertaste, well preserved and made by a serious company that offers not so much the best price but the best quality.