patong city’s hotel suggest best things to do in Phuket

Last summer I followed a precise plan to experience the best from the Patong beaches. Mirage Patong city’s hotel best tip was asking for group discounts after gathering more than 20 people. I was Getting Healthy Ideas one more time, like the time I did something similar with the restaurants deal in Bangkok. My Australian friend had that brilliant idea. These are the things to do in Phuket I love.

I was eating risotto with shrimp. I was chatting with a girl who wanted to know how to ask for ordering the same dish when the waiter arrived and pronounced the Thai word for it.

He began to say that street food vendors offer a similar dish. They cook the dish differently, then call it slightly differently. Then, he adds that the quantities also vary and that the flavor of the two preparations changes according to the quantity cooked.

The waiter cracked a joke and jokingly told us that the street vendors prep a lot but they don’t know how many people they will serve. When they sell everything they cook it again. If we had gone to eat an hour before lunchtime, surely they would give us a great discount.

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The waiter laughed and I asked why. He explained that many street vendors prepare food early, so they have to reheat it. If someone ordered them all the food at the right time, they could empty the containers and cook to serve new, better dishes.

I found the idea brilliant. My friend and I joked about it that day, but I asked the street food vendors if it was feasible.

Many looked at me severely and said no. But two agreed that it would be doable. They would accept a little discount, but if we brought 20 people I would have paid half.

Near Patong beaches, some stalls offer quality food at medium-high prices. I didn’t do it for the money, but the experience. Patong isn’t a place where you spend a lot, it’s just nice to see people coming together for a common project.