About Patong Beach Hotel Doing Transvestites Once Again

The tradition was born the first time I came to Patong. I was very eager to go to the Beach Clubs In Phuket, so I downloaded an available buffet app in thailand to get a sense of where to eat and then I moved to the first place I saw. I was about andatel Patong beach hotel which had so many transvestites on the streets, but I didn’t notice that I had gone to a club of only transvestites.

In honor of this slightly too youthful attitude of mine, my friends and I choose a night to go out for a walk, wearing women’s clothes: we pretend to be transvestites. It is a unique experience that does not resemble other like it, and it reminds us of Halloween.

One night we were Just Kidding Loudly about this idea when a friend of mine gave us the challenge to do it. We also made a video of ourselves on the streets of пхукет.

Patong is nothing like anywhere else, and you can enjoy doing these silly things once in a while. I took my friends more than once to the Пляжные клубы на Пхукете where I happened to find myself the first time I went alone. We always had fun.

The first few times we went, my friends were afraid of being mistaken for real shemales and that someone would try to tow them, but nothing happened, and we laughed a lot. On the contrary, one of my friends found a very nice woman, but he didn’t want to try to pick her up because he wasn’t sure if she was a real woman and feeling uncomfortable, he didn’t even ask her if she was.

patong beach hotel

I’ve always had fun because I know the locals and I know I can get carried away. There are only a few evenings in which I would not recommend going around in disguise, and among these, I certainly put New Year in the list. For the rest, if it is an innocent night out with friends who want to behave silly.