Bangkok Hotel Nana Suggests Best Buffet Deals

A friend who stayed in a Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok in Sukhumvit Nana, recommended going to what is, perhaps, the best Hotel in Bangkok City. This is where I Bangkok hotel nana style. This Hotel in Nana pinpointed the best buffet deals on our map and put our map on a fitness app.

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This friend of mine was visiting several cities in Thailand. One day he stopped at a hotel in Sukhumvit Nana for a few days and asked where he could find some tourist attractions.

A hotel attendant gave him the best idea: if he had managed to visit three nearby attractions at a time, he would have consumed less money for transportation, and this would have meant being able to spend more money on a massage or to buy something expensive.

Gallery image of this property

When we booked a hotel in बैंकाक शहर together, we asked the staff for advice. The receptionist gave us this fabulous idea of ​​using one of those apps that count your steps and calories, connecting it with the city map.

We only had to mark the location of the best buffet deals on the city map to be sure that the distance between the places was enough to get there after spending so many calories: many times I arrive in restaurants where I would like to eat, but I’m not hungry.

This time I Got Healthy Ideas from Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok. Setting all the destinations takes a few hours, but the hotel staff is always nice and they can quickly show you the places of interest. With their help, you can easily set everything in less than half an hour.

I recommend using this app also during the evening when you least expect to want to go to eat in particular places. If you choose certain destinations, living the nightlife of Bangkok becomes an even more pleasant experience.