I Missed the Enzo Stevia Drops on Amazon and Now I Am Upset

If you never tried the enzo stevia drops, you are missing delicious stevia products. Yes, I can hear you saying that there is stevia powder so good you can’t possibly feel anything for some simple drops, but those are not simple drops, they are my enzostevia. And I need them.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story: it was a cold day spent at home. Instead of going out, I sat at the computer ready to fill up my online shopping cart.

I usually fill the shopping cart on amazon and then leave it there for days, until I’m sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Then I finally make the purchase and relax happily.

But that day I had nothing to do, and I ordered immediately. Among the purchases, I also took the enzo stevia drops because there was this new product that I did not know, and the brand from which I regularly buy the drops had received several recent negative comments. So I thought about changing for once. They had probably had a lot of less good products than usual and customers were complaining.

The fact is that when the package arrives I put everything in place and put the enzostevia in the pantry. It was not until a few weeks later I go to get it, and after using it in a cup of tea, I am amazed. You are free not to believe me but it is the best formula I have ever tried.

I immediately went to my laptop to put other enzo products in the cart. But on amazon, there is not any to choose left. I start looking for the reason, and I find that the product is so good that it ends in a short time. Almost every time.

This month I was sure I had time to find the sale of the enzo stevia drops on amazon, but they ended faster than I could place the order. Beautiful things always last so little!