About Patong Beach Hotel Doing Transvestites Once Again

The tradition was born the first time I came to Patong. I was very eager to go to the Beach Clubs In Phuket, so I downloaded an available buffet app in thailand to get a sense of where to eat and then I moved to the first place I saw. I was about andatel Patong beach hotel which had so many transvestites on the streets, but I didn’t notice that I had gone to a club of only transvestites.

In honor of this slightly too youthful attitude of mine, my friends and I choose a night to go out for a walk, wearing women’s clothes: we pretend to be transvestites. It is a unique experience that does not resemble other like it, and it reminds us of Halloween.

One night we were Just Kidding Loudly about this idea when a friend of mine gave us the challenge to do it. We also made a video of ourselves on the streets of пхукет.

Patong is nothing like anywhere else, and you can enjoy doing these silly things once in a while. I took my friends more than once to the Пляжные клубы на Пхукете where I happened to find myself the first time I went alone. We always had fun.

The first few times we went, my friends were afraid of being mistaken for real shemales and that someone would try to tow them, but nothing happened, and we laughed a lot. On the contrary, one of my friends found a very nice woman, but he didn’t want to try to pick her up because he wasn’t sure if she was a real woman and feeling uncomfortable, he didn’t even ask her if she was.

patong beach hotel

I’ve always had fun because I know the locals and I know I can get carried away. There are only a few evenings in which I would not recommend going around in disguise, and among these, I certainly put New Year in the list. For the rest, if it is an innocent night out with friends who want to behave silly.

Paradise Islands near Phuket-Thailand

As soon as I and my crew checked in at our Patong beach hotel rooms, we kept hearing from other tourists of the amazing experiences they had on the острова вокруг Пхукета, so we knew right away we should put our focus on making sure we visit them. We also got some tips on some nice пляжи возле Патонга, and even learned about the #1 food app in Thailand.

We started our adventures at Phi Phi islands, the most well known of them all. It is a beautiful island that reminded me of Hawaii. You can actually stay at a hotel in the area but it is not really as convenient as staying in Patong, where you have easier access to all of Phuket.

Afterwards we went to Similan Islands, simply stunning, my favorite place in Thailand. It is much less crowded than Phi Phi, and it really feels like being in paradise, words can’t do it justice. We recommend that you rent a tent and camp there because the day tours just feel too short.

We also made sure to spend some time in and around Patong, and when we asked the locals which пляжи возле Патонга they recommended, we kept hearing of Karon Beach. We were very glad we visited Karon, the beach is nicer than the beach in Patong for sure, and I would probably stay in that area next time I go to Phuket.

The food everywhere we went to in Phuket was amazing, but there were a few times we were just too tired for going out and just wanted to order delivery. Food Panda, the #1 food app in Thailand was really convenient as we could order from the restaurants that had the best reviews and not just stick to what was near andatel grande patong phuket hotel.

We had a truly amazing experience and we all want to go back to Phuket asap!

Hotel near Patong Beach gave a ticket for free buffet deal

I like to give my Designed For Entertainment badge to hotels! Resort near Patong Beach drew by lot a ticket for a free buffet deal to claim at a popular kiosk on Patong beach. This is going to be the best Hotel near Patong Beach of the year!

I won the ticket, so I was able to consume a delicious first course based on freshly caught fish seasoned with toasted mushrooms, followed by a dessert of ice cream and whipped cream with lots of strawberry on top.

The real surprise was the announcement during dinner. Without anyone knowing, the resort managers created a draw for their guests with various prizes to be won.

They used the anniversary of the foundation of the resort as an excuse to give something to their customers. They handed out five prizes in total, and I won one out of about 200-300 possibilities.

To tell the truth, they gave the first four prizes in a completely random way: a ticket for Bangla Boxing Stadium, a family pass for Loma Park, a go-kart lesson at the Patong Go-Kart Speedway, and my ticket for one free buffet deal in specific kiosks of Patong beach.

Then, the hotel staff and the manager gave a very loyal customer a special prize. They gave a free of charge five-day stay to an old customer for his 90th birthday. The man had been their guest almost every year since they opened.

Despite his age, that person was still very lively, and he reacted emotionally. He joked about the prize, given his age, saying that it was about time he finally got a discount. He cried a little while thanking everyone he knew by name. He jokingly said it was a nice thought, and that he hoped the prize was a way of wishing him good luck so that he could return the next year.

patong beach hotels are amazing for your further trip to Thailand.

Патонг-Бич гостиницы are amazing for your further trip to Thailand. The destination is marvelous for both experienced travelers and those who start their first journey.

Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel is a great place for everybody: business stay seekers, students, and families with kids.

There are many restaurants with delicious food within walking distance. That is why if you wish to explore the gastronomy of Thailand it is a good area to go to. This way you can also explore the culture by being surrounded by locals. Moreover, there are various street food options next to the place you stay in.

All the rooms are equipped with an air conditioner, Wi-Fi router, TV and modern furniture. However, you can also dig into the historical past by picking a place design for these specific purposes: show you the way the country you go to develop into how you perceive it now. Of course, it is an interesting opportunity for both kids and adults.

There are sand, clean beaches close to the hotel. You can enjoy the Sun all year round and buy some local souvenirs to bring back home in this amazing area.

Among traditional restaurants, there are some designed for foreign travelers. There you can taste your local food and enjoy a high-quality service offered for the visitors.

You can walk by the beach or take a run. However, there are also various excursions available you can sign up for on the registration desk of the hotel. There is an airport pick-up and laundry service to ensure all your needs are fulfilled during the stay.

All in all, patong hotels is a place where exciting history, unique culture, and high-quality service are put together to give you the best stay you have ever had. That is why never stop to travel, and definitely consider andatel patong hotels while planning your next vacation.

Restaurants around a famous hotel near Patong beach really are bold!

I and a group of friends were chilling at a hotel near Patong beach because on the phone I had not been able to book the usual Patong family hotel that I will not mention this time when my friends and I realized that we were hungry but wanted to eat at buffet restaurants.

One of these friends of mine and I headed to a restaurant that makes Thai food. As soon as we enter there is that much sought relaxing atmosphere, just like any classy restaurant I went into. We ask for a table, we order and read the messages sent from the other friends who had found a restaurant where they made western food.

patong beach hotel

After less than an hour, everything turned into a living hell. Flocks of tourists had begun to arrive en masse in пхукет. I remember trying to look at the clock on a wall to find out what time it was, but I couldn’t see it behind the heads and the bodies of all the tourists lined up. The place was full!

Before the tourists arrived, they had already brought us two of the three main courses we ordered. Now, we had been waiting for the third course, the dessert, for over twenty minutes, because they were very busy managing the new arrivals.

patong beach hotel room

Finally, I saw a column of sparks rising behind the mass of tourists that prevented me from seeing the clock. Like the waters of a sea that are parted by a mystical force, I saw appearing a dessert trolley pushed by a remarkable waiter who repeatedly shouted something very similar to our “step aside!”.

The dessert trolley was protected by a glass case, so the sparks did not risk going to the dishes, but I worried that a fire would break out. Instead, everyone laughed and was very happy. My friends also had a similar experience that day. How bold those restaurants are! I like hanging around any hotel near Patong beach since that day.

Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel

Address41/9, 200 ซอย ราษฎร์อุทิศ 200 ปี 1 Pa Tong, Phuket, 83150, Thailand