How my 3 friends slept near the Patong City Hotel without me.

We had booked the hotel center of Patong, but they dumped us unexpectedly. On the phone, my friend says he found a place near the Patong City Hotel while I was shopping in Junceylon (I needed shoes but I couldn’t find a parking space), but a nice surprise would have made me stroll around Bangla Road for much longer than I would have expected.

patong city hotel

My friend hadn’t told me the place near Patong City hotel wanted us to check in personally since we had called at the last minute, so I wasted time and I couldn’t get to the hotel on time. That evening I had the new shoes bought at the Jungceylon Shopping Center on my feet, but I never imagined that I would have wandered without a place to sleep.

Fortunately, Bangla road has helped me pass the time. During the evening, the road is for pedestrians only. Virtually all tourists flock here. A beer costs more than other areas, but you’re on Bangla Road.

10 Отличных Пляжных Клубов На Пхукете

There are clubs of all kinds, so I first listened to some live music, the was a show with different singers that sang in English as well as Thai.

Then I had a few drinks and in the end, I was also fooled by one of the “promoters” (bouncers who lure you in) of a ping pong show and I ended up paying 900 Bath.

If there had been a problem checking in at the hotel center of Patong where we had booked first, I would have had more problems. Bangla road is fine at night, but I don’t know how I would have spent the night if I had decided to hang out in places like Junceylon where I was in the morning.

I slept the next day. Thai hotels are very efficient and do not accept delays: lessons learned.

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