It wasn’t True Hotel in the Center of Patong got me!

We were getting back to the лучший пляж на Пхукете, and I was chatting with my friend comparing where we ate to the restaurants Bangkok has when a stroller began to cross the intersection in front of us. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but when it was all over: hotel in the center of Patong was recording a promotional ad about the activities you must do in Patong.

I saw the stroller moving in the middle of the intersection where the cars move. I saw the stroller but I didn’t see anyone pushing it. The road was wide, one of those roads where at least two cars can pass at the same time.

For a moment, I didn’t know whether to scream or run towards the stroller. My friend calls my attention and points to the stroller first, then the people on the other side of the road. A little crowd was watching what was going on.

Suddenly, two cars approach at high speed. The stroller seems to stop and overturn on its side before being hit. An adult man emerges: he wore only a sort of giant diaper and a blue cloak. Then he begins to shout something in the local language. I think that he spoke Thai.

The man disguised as a child looks upwards. Following his gaze, I notice that there is a camera placed on a mechanical arm. I understand then that it is an advertisement. I heard the director yelling “cut” after the man finished his monologue.

I did not understand what he was saying, but I think it had something to do with some nearby spa, as I think I recognized the word for “stress”.

Just Kidding Lol. A hotel in the center of Patong was recording this commercial ad to advertise some of the nearby attractions. I didn’t understand what he was saying for the most part, but it was surreal.

patong city’s hotel suggest best things to do in Phuket

Last summer I followed a precise plan to experience the best from the Patong beaches. Mirage Patong city’s hotel best tip was asking for group discounts after gathering more than 20 people. I was Getting Healthy Ideas one more time, like the time I did something similar with the restaurants deal in Bangkok. My Australian friend had that brilliant idea. These are the things to do in Phuket I love.

I was eating risotto with shrimp. I was chatting with a girl who wanted to know how to ask for ordering the same dish when the waiter arrived and pronounced the Thai word for it.

He began to say that street food vendors offer a similar dish. They cook the dish differently, then call it slightly differently. Then, he adds that the quantities also vary and that the flavor of the two preparations changes according to the quantity cooked.

The waiter cracked a joke and jokingly told us that the street vendors prep a lot but they don’t know how many people they will serve. When they sell everything they cook it again. If we had gone to eat an hour before lunchtime, surely they would give us a great discount.

patong city hotel phoenix

The waiter laughed and I asked why. He explained that many street vendors prepare food early, so they have to reheat it. If someone ordered them all the food at the right time, they could empty the containers and cook to serve new, better dishes.

I found the idea brilliant. My friend and I joked about it that day, but I asked the street food vendors if it was feasible.

Many looked at me severely and said no. But two agreed that it would be doable. They would accept a little discount, but if we brought 20 people I would have paid half.

Near Patong beaches, some stalls offer quality food at medium-high prices. I didn’t do it for the money, but the experience. Patong isn’t a place where you spend a lot, it’s just nice to see people coming together for a common project.

hotel in Patong Center Offers an All You Can Eat A La Carte Buffet

I am giving out another badge: hotel in Patong center for its creative all you can eat a la carte buffet. The managers of the hotel called a renowned chef who works in the старый город Пхукет to prepare exceptional sushi. Afterward, they promoted many activities in Patong to make us burn calories. They are geniuses!

I woke up refreshed like every Tuesday when I am on vacation. My head was full of fabulous memories of the previous evening on Bangla road when I realize that I have not planned anything for the day. Then I go down to the lobby and chat with other Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel guests.

One of them looks at me with wide eyes and tells me he didn’t expect it. He did not expect that a passionate food blogger like me would not be excited about the event that the Phoenix Grand Hotel Patong managers had prepared for us for lunch.

A well-known Japanese chef arrived an hour later, with her fellow chefs (two guys who brought the daily fresh fishes in special containers full of ice). The chef was a nice lady in her fifties. She wore traditional clothes.

The chef has become famous for her positive attitude: she is a Japanese woman who intends to reverse the cliché that only men can create excellent sushi.

I was even more surprised when I noticed that they would prepare a buffet for lunch, but that it was an a la carte type of buffet. In a nutshell, each table had the opportunity to express a preference, so that each table received the various trays containing the freshly made delicacies, in addition to the collective preference for further satisfaction.

This time I give my Designed For Entertainment badge to this fantastic hotel in patong where I enjoyed the best meal of the week.

Patong Hotel in Center Hosted Simon Cabaret Show Performers

You might appreciate Patong beach for its famous beaches or for the delicious foods that you can find in common buffet restaurants. But you can estimate the quality of a place by judging the initiatives of the hotels where you stay. Patong hotel in center that offers great entertainment: one of the best I know hosted Simon Cabaret Show performers.

Always Be Choosing Patong hotel in center capable of making you better understand the culture of the place, their habits, and mentality. Being able to enjoy a pinch of real spectacle, even for promotional purposes, was a touch of class that I will not forget.

The Пхукет Симон Кабаре Шоу is a famous cabaret show where everyone can have fun. Their humor is suitable for tourists and locals alike. Since the beginning when it all started in 1991, it quickly became a success. It is committed to creating a magical environment where entertainment plays the most important role.

mirage patong room

Using film sets, extravagant costumes and the professionalism of his actors, the company became one of the symbols of Phuket Town: it is almost an icon like James Bond Island.

Simon Cabaret is located in Patong Beach (Siriach Road 83150), in a heavenly setting just minutes from the beach. It has an excellent connection to public transport in пхукет, so it won’t cost you too much to get there. It is one of the most symbolic shows in the city of Phuket and one of the most requested entertainment options by tourists.

I appreciated it even more after experiencing the Siam Niramit Phuket, which is a more cultural show. There you can learn the history and traditions of Phuket.

How my 3 friends slept near the Patong City Hotel without me.

We had booked the hotel center of Patong, but they dumped us unexpectedly. On the phone, my friend says he found a place near the Patong City Hotel while I was shopping in Junceylon (I needed shoes but I couldn’t find a parking space), but a nice surprise would have made me stroll around Bangla Road for much longer than I would have expected.

patong city hotel

My friend hadn’t told me the place near Patong City hotel wanted us to check in personally since we had called at the last minute, so I wasted time and I couldn’t get to the hotel on time. That evening I had the new shoes bought at the Jungceylon Shopping Center on my feet, but I never imagined that I would have wandered without a place to sleep.

Fortunately, Bangla road has helped me pass the time. During the evening, the road is for pedestrians only. Virtually all tourists flock here. A beer costs more than other areas, but you’re on Bangla Road.

10 Отличных Пляжных Клубов На Пхукете

There are clubs of all kinds, so I first listened to some live music, the was a show with different singers that sang in English as well as Thai.

Then I had a few drinks and in the end, I was also fooled by one of the “promoters” (bouncers who lure you in) of a ping pong show and I ended up paying 900 Bath.

If there had been a problem checking in at the hotel center of Patong where we had booked first, I would have had more problems. Bangla road is fine at night, but I don’t know how I would have spent the night if I had decided to hang out in places like Junceylon where I was in the morning.

I slept the next day. Thai hotels are very efficient and do not accept delays: lessons learned.

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Now in the middle of Patong spending 5000 Bath in restaurants!

The night before I won a prize in a Bangla Road club. I went in by chance, after turning behind the Patong City Hotel and reaching Bangla Road. I won a raffle for some vouchers to be used only in local restaurants. Here I am now in the middle of Patong stuffing myself with delicious food.

Among shows of all kinds, a club in Bangla Road was going to award 5000 Bath in vouchers to a lucky winner. I was not thinking about winning the prize, but I got a ticket anyway because it was free if I bought two drinks. So I did.

patong city hotel

I only have 24 hours to use these 100 Bath meal vouchers for a total of 5000 Bath. Each one of these allows you to eat in almost all Patong restaurants, and some street food cart.

This morning, I was on Patong beach where I had breakfast with two meal vouchers. Just something fresh: a freshly cut durian fruit and some ice-cream. Fortunately, I could not smell the peel too much, because the seller had hidden it well.

patong breakfast

Food on the beach isn’t the best. For this reason, I am now in the middle of Patong looking for excellent restaurants. It was difficult to resist all the street food carts, but I found Naughty Nuri’s, where I ate excellent ribs, and the atmosphere was wonderful. I had just a few bites before lunch. Going down I found myself at the Madras Cafe because I didn’t want to eat spicy food. The food was gorgeous, very delicate and different.

I still had a lot of time, so I went into the center of Patong. Here I already see fewer restaurants. Probably, I will have to return more towards the coast. I asked around and found something. I’ll see if I can discover an exceptional place.

Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel

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