Restaurants around a famous hotel near Patong beach really are bold!

I and a group of friends were chilling at a hotel near Patong beach because on the phone I had not been able to book the usual Patong family hotel that I will not mention this time when my friends and I realized that we were hungry but wanted to eat at buffet restaurants.

One of these friends of mine and I headed to a restaurant that makes Thai food. As soon as we enter there is that much sought relaxing atmosphere, just like any classy restaurant I went into. We ask for a table, we order and read the messages sent from the other friends who had found a restaurant where they made western food.

patong beach hotel

After less than an hour, everything turned into a living hell. Flocks of tourists had begun to arrive en masse in пхукет. I remember trying to look at the clock on a wall to find out what time it was, but I couldn’t see it behind the heads and the bodies of all the tourists lined up. The place was full!

Before the tourists arrived, they had already brought us two of the three main courses we ordered. Now, we had been waiting for the third course, the dessert, for over twenty minutes, because they were very busy managing the new arrivals.

patong beach hotel room

Finally, I saw a column of sparks rising behind the mass of tourists that prevented me from seeing the clock. Like the waters of a sea that are parted by a mystical force, I saw appearing a dessert trolley pushed by a remarkable waiter who repeatedly shouted something very similar to our “step aside!”.

The dessert trolley was protected by a glass case, so the sparks did not risk going to the dishes, but I worried that a fire would break out. Instead, everyone laughed and was very happy. My friends also had a similar experience that day. How bold those restaurants are! I like hanging around any hotel near Patong beach since that day.

Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel

Address41/9, 200 ซอย ราษฎร์อุทิศ 200 ปี 1 Pa Tong, Phuket, 83150, Thailand