Why Macadamia Nuts Will Be You New Favorite Snack.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in a nice comfortable hotel. Everything from the smell of crispy white sheets, helmed curtains, to feeling an aura of royalty. Nothing quite beats the relaxing and peaceful feeling that walking into a hotel room with a majestic view does. That moment when you look outside the window and are greeted by a breathtaking view!

macadamia on amazon

I’m a guy who likes the simple things in life and must admit that my favorite part about traveling isn’t the hotel experience but the wide assortment of snacks that are offered during a stay! — I am a foodie! so trust me when I say that I’ve stayed at several hotels and have been treated to snacks and appetizers from grapes , berries, ice cream, caviar, to macadamia nuts, and believe me, I saved the best snack for last.

Enzo macadamia nuts are one of my favorite snacks of all time. The first time I ever had the pleasure of eating some was during an unexpected stay at a hotel in Miami, which is why I had to begin by sharing how much I love the hotel hosting experience. I especially enjoyed the feeling of snacking constantly on lazy late nights in my hotel room, to lone picnics by the side of the beach. The one constant, however, was always my snacks! They were always with me and I savored every munch of em’.

Do you have a favorite snack ? If not, I highly recommend you try some macadamia! Its very affordable, gourmet, and freaking delicious!

Amazon has great prices on those delicacies and I heavily suggest you sample some as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, Macadamia nuts are always on my bi-weekly grocery list on amazon, and I never hesitate to grab some when binge watching a new season of my favorite shows on Netflix.